How to use Staff Portal to create and update Report Cards

As we are looking to shift our teachers portal fully online by the Fall, report cards, like re-enrollment recommendations, will be done through (you should be able to login using your russianschool gmail.  The training video (about 7 minutes long) for report cards is here: 

A couple of points about the key new features:

1)  Alternate Comments:  When you assign scores for behavior effort etc which auto-populate comments you can now see the alternate comments for your assigned score AND neighboring scores (in case one is more accurate).

2)    Letter Grades Only :  Grades will all be given to students ONLY as letter scores.  The percent grades are the raw grades (typically from the online system) are for your reference it is up to you to assign the appropriate grades.

3)    Gradable/ Ungradable assignments :  If you decide a particular assignment for your classes was too difficult you can make it "ungradeable" in the gradebook which hides that assignment from report cards/ grade averages for all students.  You can also make a portal classwork assignment "Gradable" if you did want that to be graded for all students.

4)  Missing/ Incomplete assignments :  For any homework that is either not attempted or the student did so little you do not think you can give them an age appropriate grade, you can leave the letter score blank.  The grade will now not impact the student's grade average, however it will be noted in the report card which will track the percent of CW and HW assignments that are "incomplete/ missing."  The exception here is that a coursework assignment that is not graded in a class that the student is marked absent will not be considered missing/ incomplete, however all homeworks should be graded- any ungraded homework assignments will count towards the % that are missing/ incomplete. 

5)  Submitting your report cards:   When you are done with a particular class please click: Submit to Principal.  This should be done by <Date> but not before your lesson #36.  If you have to update after you submit, email your principal so they can reject it and release it back to you.

6) Bugs/ comments?  If you notice any bugs, please submit a help ticket so we can track your feedback.

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