Student Portal - First Time Registration

Instruction on how to request a registration link for the Student Portal

Parent's didn't receive the Student Portal registration email/link

Generally, parents of RSM Students receive their Student Portal registration links after the first Homework Assignment is posted by their teacher. In addition, parents can request a  registration link through the Student Portal itself (e.g., before the class starts). 

Prerequisite: The student must be enrolled in RSM and have the Student Portal created in the system.

Step 1: Go to RSM Student Portal and select "Sign Up":

Step 2:
If the message prompts that the account already exists, Use the “Forgot password?” link and follow the instructions on the next screen to enter the email address of the student and press “Submit”.

NOTICE: if the email address does not exist in the database, the system will give an error message on the screen: 

We are sorry, but the information you have provided does not match our records.
Please contact our local RSM office to verify or update your email address.

Step 3: The parents will receive an email with instructions on how to reset their passwords. (Both of the options above will produce the same email message to the parents). 

The subject of the email from

The email will also contain their “username” for the Student Portal. Alternatively, parents can use their email address as the username to login to the Student Portal.

Step 4: Please, use the username and password option to access the Student Portal to avoid any confusions (in cases when several siblings are using the same email address)

Still have problems registering?

Please, kindly contact the local RSM Branch for assistance and troubleshooting. The RSM Branch will contact the technical support team to provide further assistance if necessary.