Summer - Assigning assets from another curriculum

Assigning assets from another curriculum


In case the curriculum you teach is insufficient, you can use the problems from other curricula as well. To add a problem from a curriculum that is not assigned to your class, you have to create a new section of your lesson in your Staff Portal: 



There’s a difference between assigning pieces of chapter-based and meet-based curricula. In case you wish to add problems ## 1-5 from a chapter-based curriculum Algebra I Prep curriculum, you need to type a Reference code related to Gr 7 Alg Prep and mention the chapter, see the screenshot below:



For a chapter-based curriculum please use the following syntax: Cur REF: ch 1-5, where REF should be replaced by the corresponding reference from the table below. 


For a meet-based curriculum please use one of the following syntax forms, depending on a section you need to add – classwork or homework:


Cur REF: meet 1: 1-5

Cur REF: CW1: 1-5

Cur REF: HW1: 1-5



SUMMER 2022 Reference codes



2022 Summer Math Challenge and Competition Prep

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