Web Teacher Portal: How To Publish/Unpublish Assignments

How to Publish/Unpublish Assignments through the Web Teacher Portal

Please, kindly be advised that in Web Teacher Portal, assignments are created as sections in the Lesson Plan. 

  1. Navigate to the Web Teacher Portal

  2. Sign in with Google RSM account

  3. Select the class from My Classes Tab and Open the Corresponding Lesson 

  4. Open the Assignment/Section by pressing on  “+” icon

  5. Click on the Publish to Student Portal button which is located on the right side. After clicking on it students will see the assignment in their student portal

Note: Teachers can leave the section Unpublished (it is convenient for Quizzes and Class Assignments) and Publish it during the class. So students will not be familiar with the assignment.

  1. Teachers can also Unpublish the assignment/section. Please open 3 dots to the right  and select  " Unpublish Section"

Students will not see assignments anymore in their student portal

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