Virtual Classroom - How to Configure Audio/Video Devices

Virtual Classroom

Audio/Video Device Problems - Troubleshooting

For the best Virtual Classroom experience, please use:

  • The latest Google Chrome Browser 
  • A USB Headset with Microphone
  • Ensure your Audio and Video Devices are Connected and Functional.

If you can’t hear the teacher, can’t be heard in the classroom or your camera is not working properly, please follow these steps:

Allowing Access to Audio/Video Devices: Blocked/Muted Devices

Step 1: Press “Reload”  on the Top Right Corner of your Screen

Step 2: If prompted on the Top Left Corner of your screen, “Allow” access to Audio/Video Devices Accordingly.

Step 3: Press “Esc” on your keyboard. This will allow you to exit the Virtual Classroom from the Full-Screen Mode.

Step 4: Press the “Lock” icon on the Top Left Corner, next to the Address Bar of your Browser Page. You’ll be prompted to a pop-up menu with Camera, Microphone, and Sound settings. 

Step 5: Make sure your Audio/Video devices are not blocked or muted. Press the drop-down options and select “Allow” for each one of the devices. 

Step 6: Press the “ Reload ” button on the Top Right Corner to apply your updated settings and reload the page

Step 7: Click on the prompt message “Click Here to Enter Classroom” to return to the class. 

Changing Audio/Video Device Settings: Accessing Device Options

Step 1: Press “Esc” on your keyboard. This will allow you to exit the Virtual Classroom from the Full-Screen Mode

Step 2: Press the “Camera” or “MIcrophone” icon on the Top Right Corner. You’ll be prompted to a pop-up menu.

Step 3: Press on the “Manage” button to access the Audio/Video Device options. The browser settings window will pop-up. 

Step 4: Press the Drop Down Menu to select the correct device from available Audio/Video Device Options. This will allow you to switch between Audio/Video Devices in use by your browser.

Step 5:  Click on the “Back Arrow” to access the site settings and select the next Audio/Video devices to Configure.

Step 6: Once you completed configuring the Audio/Video Devices in use, close the Browser Settings and Reload/Return to the Virtual Classroom.

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