Student Portal - Students Sharing the Same Email Address

Student Portal - Students Sharing the Same Email Address

Student Portal - Multiple Siblings Using a Shared Email Address
Student Portal - Records Reflect Data for One Student, but Not for Other


Each student (even a student with other siblings attending RSM), gets his/her own separate account
when registering with Student Portal/Online Homework:
(Please, note that Student Portal captures the last student who has logged in through a given browser. In order to login as a different student, the user will need to log out).
Each account has an automatically generated unique username, as well as email address, which is not required to be unique. In fact, sometimes multiple siblings have accounts with the same email address (e.g., because a mother used her own email address when registering several of her children).
When logging in on the Student Portal, the unique username or the email address can be used by a student (or a parent acting on behalf of a student) to log into the Student Portal. If an email address shared by two or more students is used for log-in, the Student Portal will first attempt to resolve the ambiguity and select the student account based on the password. However, that can be done only if the passwords differ. If both the email addresses and the passwords are the same, the login fails and the user gets the an error message

Read The Full Article and Instructions Here: Student Portal - Shared Emails for Siblings - 2020-09-12.pdf 265.05 KB [

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