RSM Parent Portal - Grades K-2 - Introducing Key Features - Classwork and Homework Assignments

RSM Parent Portal - Grades K-2

Introducing a New Feature on Parent’ Portal for Homework/Classwork Assignments

Parents of students in Grades K and 1 are now able to download and print their child’s Homework Assignment in Parent Portal.
Note: For Classwork assignments, please, refer to printed student workbooks.

Parents of students in Grade 2  are now able to download and print their child’s Classwork and Homework Assignments (PDF) from their Parent Portal. 
In addition, there is now a way to upload completed homework assignments for the teacher’s review.

In addition, completed homework assignments can now be uploaded for the teacher’s review.

Every posted Classwork/Homework Assignment will be preceded by an email from the local RSM Branch to parents of students in grades K-2 with the Subject line “Homework is Ready / Classwork is Ready”.


Notice: Please, be kindly advise that PDF links have expiry dates (usually 7 business days). Once the links expire, there will be no files available for download. 

  1. Classworks: 

    • Grades K-1 Have Printed Workbooks for their Classwork Assignments and don’t need PDFs
    • Grade 2 - Will have their Classwork Assignments (PDF) posted approximately 3 days before the first lesson or 4 days after the previous lesson.
  2. Homeworks:

    • Grades K-2 will have their next Homework Assignments (PDF) posted within 24 hours after the lesson.


Step 1: Access Parent Portal by visiting and log in using the primary email address provided at the registration.

Step 2: Scroll down to locate your child’s enrollment year and class section.

Step 3: Locate the Classwork (CW) (Grade 2 ONLY) and Homework (HW) assignments for the previous and the upcoming lesson. Click on the file (PDF) links to download and print accordingly.

Upcoming Lessons 

  • Contain Classwork Assignments that need to be printed out before the next class (Grade 2 ONLY)

Recent Lessons (Previous Lesson)

  • Contain Classwork Assignments from past lessons (Grade 2 ONLY)
  • Contains Homework Assignments that were posted after the lesson and due/to be completed by the next Upcoming Lesson date. 


  • Grades/Score Data - reflects the results for the homework assignment from the previous lesson. 

Ex: Lesson #2 will reflect the grade from Lesson #1. Lesson #3 will reflect the homework from Lesson #2. 

  • File Icon - takes parents to Student Portal, where they can access Games and Previous Lesson Assignments (My Assignments Section).

  • Upload - this button allows parents to upload images of paper assignments in JPEG or PNG file formats only.

(Note:  Parents can add or remove files, but this button will disappear if the Teacher grades/marks up the uploaded assignment images.)

  • File Icon with a “check” mark - informs the parent that the uploaded homework assignment was graded and reviewed by the teacher. File icon with letter (H) implies Homework assignments. 

Please, contact your RSM School/Branch Administration should you need more assistance. 

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