Zoom - Student Unable To Join - Admit to Room Fails - Multiple Usernames in the Waiting Room

Zoom Online Classes - Student "Admit" to Class Fails

  • Student unable to join the class, admit button fails to accept the student. 
  • The student appears with the same account/username multiple times in the waiting room.

Possible Reasons:

  • Poor Internet/Network Connectivity
  • Device/Computer Station Failure
  • Zoom Desktop Application Failure

Solutions/Troubleshooting advised:

  1. DO NOT REMOVE the student from the waiting room
  2. Contact the student/parents to verify they're experiencing technical difficulties
  3. Advise to restart their device/computer station
  4. Advise to join the Zoom Session with an alternative device/station
  5. Advise to restart the home Wi-Fi Router
  6. Advise to use LAN/cable connection if applicable

Please, contact the Tech Support Team for Guidance and Assistance

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