Zoom - Introduction to Online Classes

Zoom Online Classes - Introduction


Here at RSM, we are very excited to reunite all of our students in the Online Environment. During the lesson, students will watch, listen and actively participate with the teacher. Students will be expected to respond to questions, complete the teacher’s assignments, and explain their solutions in real time! Parents of Pre-K, K and 1st grade students are required to be present during class time. Parents of 2nd grade students are encouraged, but not required to be present. 

To participate in an Online Class you will need: 

● Set up the computer in a quiet, comfortable environment with minimal distractions. The student should log in 10 minutes before class begins to ensure audio/video communication is working properly. 

● A modern PC or Mac computer with sufficient memory. Tablets are not supported for online class use 

● A minimum screen resolution of 1366 x 768 

● Zooming must be at 100% 

● A quality internet connection 

● The latest version of Google Chrome 

● A web camera 

● A USB headset is recommended for students to be able to participate in the discussion. We recommend the Logitech H390, which can be bought on Amazon. Teachers may mute students if their audio setup causes noise in the online classroom environment 

● Your child will also need: notebook and pencil 

Technical Requirements 

Step 1. Make sure that the latest version of Google Chrome is installed. If not, install from here: https://www.google.com/chrome  

Step 2. Install Zoom from: https://zoom.us/download . Do not use the Browser app 

Step 3. Test your system using our diagnostics or http://diagnostics.russianschool.com  

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