Student Portal FAQ

Question: How do I take a picture of my work?

Answer: The easiest way to take a picture of your work is to use a cell phone or a tablet. 

Question: What if I have many pages to upload my homework?

Answer: Take a picture of each page and upload all of them through your homework assignment page. You can upload them altogether, or one at a time, the system will organize them under the same homework assignment.

Question: If I have taken picture(s) using a smartphone, how do I transfer them to my computer to submit my homework?

Answer: You probably have already transferred pictures from your smartphone to a folder on your computer (for example, by connecting the phone to your computer using a cable or a Bluetooth connection). 

  • Alternatively, you can upload them to a folder shared between your smartphone and computer (e.g., a Dropbox folder). 
  • Lastly, you can simply email the pictures from your smartphone to your own email address, which you can access from your computer and download the images to a disk folder.

Question: Can I send my image as a PDF?

Answer: NO. Please make sure you send an image file (specifically, .png or .jpg), NOT a PDF or a different format.

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