Zoom Online Class - How to Join from Student Portal

Access to Online Class from Student Portal

If you have access to Student Portal (typical for students in grades 3 and up), you can access and enter your online class from that portal.

Open your Student Portal through https://homework.russianschool.com/ and log in.

Step 1: Select the “Online Class” tab and see your scheduled online class.

Student Portal - Online Class Tab

Step 2: Press on the “Online Class” link.

Step 3: Follow the instructions to join the assigned Zoom Class

Step 4: Rename yourself to reflect your student name to be admitted from the Zoom Waiting Room. Turn your video and audio to help the teacher recognize you. Remember, to protect the privacy and safety of our students the teacher may remove you from the class if you turn your video off and you may not be able to return to the class during that lesson. 

Note: Students from Pre-K up to the second grade can join their class from Parent Portal. They have no access to the Student Portal.

Please, contact your school administration should you need more assistance. 

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