Student Portal - Overview (Grades 3+)

Student Portal (HW Online) Overview (Grades 3+)

Each student using Student Portal (HW Online) has his/her own student account. 
It is separate from the parent's account in the Parent Portal and from the student accounts of his/her siblings.

The student accounts get created by their parent:

  • After the first homework is assigned to a student, an email is being sent (usually, overnight) to the student's parent (email address on file).
  • The parent has to click on the homework assignment link in the email and set up the student's account.
  • As a best practice, each student account should be related to a different email address (shown in student's Profile)
  • Once a student account is created by the parent, the student can log in into Student Portal (Homework Online) using either his/her username (which is generated automatically in such a way that it is unique) or the email provided by the parent. 
  • We strongly recommended that the email addresses in the profile of each student is different - if a user is logging in using an email address it will make it clear for the system which student is logged in.

Key Features:

  • The student account per student allows multiple students in the same family to work on their own assignments (even if they use the same computer).
  • Only one student at a time is allowed to be logged into a Student Portal account from a given browser. It is not possible to maintain one account in one browser window/tab, and another account in another browser window/tab.
  • Once one student is finished using a shared computer, he/she should log out to allow another student to log into his/her own account from the same browser.
  • Clicking on a link to a student's assignment (which is being sent by email) will also log out the currently logged in student (if any) and will switch to the account to which the homework was assigned. 
  • See the screenshot below for key functions to explore:

Student Portal Overview

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